Why does my daughter sleep so badly?

kids sleeping problem - Why does my daughter sleep so badly?


Why does my so ?

I have a daughter nearly three years. And we have long been problems with sleeping. We tried a few things, but to no avail so far. Now she recently helped her adenoids. We thought this could be another reason, but this has not helped. They often wake up or go to sleep, but it does not seem really normal that they so often wakes. In the morning she often asked awake; at around 6:00 pm. And she can not even really quiet yet come lie with me. She was immediately very busy (Jump / roll / run). You can see in her eyes that she’s lost sleep. She always looks very pale and her eyes among all those blue veins through.

It has always been an active child. In her behavior during the day, I doubt whether it all is normal. So I can be very difficult to penetrate her. Then ask / I say something and they do not seem to hear me. They sometimes play her so excited that she pushes others or bites from scratch.

Maybe I am an overprotective mother. But here I would like your opinion to hear about.

Mrs. Brak

, pediatrician

Sleep problems are sometimes caused by toddlers through physical causes, such as recurring colds or ear problems. I think there are more psychological reasons why it does not go well with sleeping.

In the above situation, you see that a child is regularly wake up and then falls asleep again. It is because we are not always as deep sleep during the night. Sometimes we are a bit in a light sleep, then we get into a deeper sleep.

Especially against the morning we get more and more into a lighter sleep and we dream. If you’re a little awake at such a light sleep period, but indoezelt again, then it’s no problem. Are you taking for whatever reason, fully awake, sleep is completely interrupted and thus can not rest well.

Apparently, this girl is also the day restlessly in her behavior. It is therefore advisable to first look makes this caused. Because aggression and anxiety sometimes close together, there will have to be looked at what is now playing all right.

It will also need to involve the sleep problem. It seems to me that before an inquiry from someone who knows more about the situation requires. This could include a child psychologist or remedial in your area.

Why does my daughter sleep so badly?

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