WHY DO YOU DREAM? Dreams organize information

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 WHY DO YOU ? Dreams organize information 

Everyone dreams of a few hours each night. Even though you might remember nothing. When you sleep , follow a rhythm. You sleep alternating deep and shallow.

REM sleep

The dream sleep occurs at a time when you sleep less deeply. This is called REM (Rapid Eye Movement). During this period your brains very active and make your eyes fast movements. All major muscles are turned off, otherwise you really going to carry out your dreams.

In one night you come four or five times in such REM sleep correctly. You also have four to five dreams. As time passes the night, the periods are REM sleep longer. The latter takes about half an hour to three quarters.

dream Interpretation

There are several theories why we dream. It could go to repressed feelings in our subconscious. This theory was first described in 1900 by psychiatrist Sigmund Freud. By declaring one’s dreams, so you could take a look into a person’s soul.

There are still droomduiders and books meanings of dreams. But you can imagine that not all images have the same meaning for everyone. A rat for example, is quite different for a vet than anyone ever bitten by a rat.

Noise of the machine

When we dream, our brains suddenly very active, as we are awake. Some scientists think that the brains at night may not be as long inactive. That would be unhealthy, so makes the body that the brain is active. This would have come off images, our dreams. According to these scientists, the dreams themselves no meaning or purpose.


Generally nowadays take scientists that processed the impressions of the past week during REM sleep. Information is cleaned, sorted, stored and deleted in the brains. This will get your dreams.

Children dream more; they have even more to handle new things. That dreams often go so weird, is because you do not participate memory. This memory allows you can remember many things simultaneously.

If you dream, you can at the same time focus on one thing. So do not you wonder whether something actually is. Incidentally, it may happen that you realize you are dreaming. In that case, you have a lucid dream. With some practice, you can send dream itself

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