Why am I so tired? Causes of fatigue

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Why am I so ?  of

Fatigue is a common complaint. Everybody is tired. About a quarter of Dutch suffer from fatigue, women more often than men. Young people are more often tired than 50-plus, and parents with small children are often overweight.

When you are tired, for example after a party or after a night shift, usually after 1 or 2 nights sleep well again. But when you feel very tired for a long time and normal sleep does not help you feel fit again, there may be more. In this article you will read the most common causes of physical and psychological fatigue.

What is fatigue?

Fatigue is a lack of energy. You do not feel as fit as normal, and you do not manage to do what you want or should do. Moving, talking, thinking, everything is getting harder because of the exhaustion. You’d rather sleep. If you are tired and tired of your daily life, fatigue is a problem. In that case, please refer to your GP and discuss your fatigue problems.

Symptoms of fatigue

Symptoms of fatigue are:

  • pale under the eyes
  • rub gently and rub in the eyes
  • sluggishness or hesitation
  • occasionally ingest or fall asleep
  • Effort to focus on you

Physical causes of fatigue

Physical causes of fatigue have to do with how you treat your body. How much you sleep, move, how much and what you eat, but also if you smoke, drink a lot of alcohol and or use drugs.

It all affects your fitness and fitness and thus determines whether you feel tired. In addition, almost all diseases give fatigue. Important physical causes of fatigue are:

Poor condition

  • Few physical exercise. When you get too little exercise, you feel tired sooner.
  • Eating unhealthy. If you consume a lot of fat and sweet foods and eat little fruit and vegetables then you’re more likely to feel tired.
  • Overweight. If you are too heavy you have a greater chance of fatigue.
  • Underweight. If you eat too little and are extremely skinny, you have a greater chance of fatigue.

Smoking, alcohol and drug use

  • Smoking. People who smoke a lot are often very tired. Smoking narrows the blood vessels in your body and smoke contains poisonous substances.
  • Alcohol. People who consume more than 1 or 2 glasses of alcohol daily can suffer from fatigue. Alcohol and sleep are going badly together.
  • Drowning use (cannabis, XTC, speed and cocaine etc.) can cause fatigue. Immediately after use, but also by prolonged use of narcotic drugs.

Medicine use 
Different types of medication can cause fatigue. For example, anti-allergic agents (antihistamines), anti-cancer drugs (chemotherapy) and some anti-depressant medications have fatigue as side effects.

In particular, women who are severe menstruation can get anemia with high blood loss.There is too little iron in the blood. Therefore, it can be very tired.

Chronic pain 
Prolonged pain can exhaust you completely. You will not only be afraid of the pain itself, but also because the pain may wake you up at night.

Heart and lungs 
People with heart disease or a lung disease are often tired. Think of a heart attack, pneumonia, heart failure (reduced pumping) and asthma or COPD.

Chronic diseases 
Ability also applies to chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus (bowel disease ) and bowel disease ( Crohn’s or colitis disease ). Even after a stroke, someone can stay tired for a long time.

Different types of infections can make you tired. For example, Pfeiffer’s disease and various types of venereal diseases (Herpes, HIV) may cause fatigue.

One of the major characteristics of cancer is extreme fatigue. It often accompanies loss of appetite and slimming.

Chronic fatigue syndrome ME / CVS 
The chronic fatigue syndrome means that someone over a period of 6 months is extremely tired without being explained.

Sleep disorders 
In people with sleep apnea , breathing stops a few times per hour for at least 10 seconds during sleep. This causes people with this sleep disorder to wake up unusually often and are tired or sleepy during the daytime.

People with sleep disorder narcolepsy suffer from unbreakable sleep attacks and are often tired during the daytime. People with low -levin syndrome or idiopathic hypersomnia also suffer from extreme fatigue.

Psychological Causes of Fatigue

Psychological causes of fatigue have to do with how you feel or what you overlook. For example:

Problems at home or at work 
For example, about your relationship, the situation at home or at work. Those stresses can be unconscious. You feel stressed and may pee all day long. Stressed throughout the day, you get extra tired. Struggling can make the tension even worse. At night you can not overcome the problems. You therefore sleep worse and fatigue increases.

Excessive or burnout 
You work hard and take too little rest. You continue, go to bed late and get up early. Hard work is not bad, but sometimes it may just be too much and save real fatigue. The problems, fatigue and tension can be so severe that you get burned out. An important feature of overcrowding is extreme fatigue.

A major event

  • For example, you will move or rebuild your home.
  • You lost your job or just started a new job.
  • A big loss of a dear person and the sorrow and all the feelings that this raises can expel you.

Fatigue and lethargy are important characteristics of depression. People who are depressed often want to lie to bed all day long. If they get out of bed, they are often tired. Some people are depressed in winter. They suffer from a winter depression .

Fear and panic 
If you’re constantly anxious or panic, fear and panic can control your life. You can be totally exhausted here.

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