Unhealthy consequences of sleep deprivatione

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Randy Gardner is stay awake the official world record since 1964. He held the 11 days and 24 minutes full. Today refuses the Guinness Book of Records to cooperate with new record attempts. So little sleep is indeed determined not healthy. For example, it can have this effect.

Although people on average one third of their lives spend sleeping, there is actually very little is known about the exact benefits of sleep . Sleep is at least one type of service. At night, your body and mind have a chance to recover from the day. You sleep too little, then you recover physically and psychologically inadequate.


According to a conservative estimate of the Foundation for Research Traffic plays at 10 to 15 percent of traffic accidents fatigue role. If you are tired, take your concentration off and react less quickly. Moreover, you get irritated faster, coordination takes you off and then you process information more slowly. This ensures that your driving skills decline.

Studies in which volunteers were awake or had a long drive in a driving simulator, showed that your fatigue is a worse driver. Tired subjects keep lesser rate, often exceed the sidelines and make bigger and more abrupt steering corrections. They also respond diminishes less accurate as their speed predecessor.

worse learning

Sleep plays in thinking and learning an important role. A lack of sleep affects the cognitive processes in different ways. If you’re tired, you can think less and somehow keep your attention and you are not alert. It makes for a poorer concentration. Moreover, taking your ability to solve its problems. This makes it difficult to record material.

Additionally you need sleep to store information. At night you process the impressions and the information you have gained during the day.


An estimated 90 percent of the struggling people with insomnia also with another health problem. Sleep disorders and chronic sleep deprivation increases the risk of:

  • a heart attack
  • heart failure
  • irregular heartbeat
  • high blood pressure
  • a stroke
  • diabetes type 2


After a bad night, you might be cranky the next day or gloomier than usual. Prolonged sleep deprivation and sleep disorders can even contribute to the onset of depression. People who have poor sleep a long time, are more at risk of developing depression.

It is not yet clear what exactly the link between sleep problems and depression . They often do go hand in hand. Many people with depression sleep badly. A minority of people with depression sleep just added a lot.

Skin aging

You really need your beauty sleep. After a night strike, you have the next day may already suffer from pips face and swollen eyes. Persistent lack of sleep can actually cause more fine lines, dark circles under the eyes and dull skin.

If you sleep little, make your adrenal glands to produce more cortisol. This hormone is also released when you are stressed. Cortisol has some negative effects on your skin. So it reduces the production of hyaluronic acid, leaving your skin drier. Moreover, it will damage the barrier function of your skin. In addition, the collagen in your skin is firmer and excess collagen can even ensure that collagen is broken.

weight gain

Several studies have shown little sleep increases the risk of obesity and make it harder to lose some weight. That’s not because you burn a lot of calories while sleeping.

If you sleep poorly, you make more of ghrelin hormone to. Ghrelin stimulates the appetite. Do you have a lack of sleep, then you produce just less of the hormone leptin. In short, you get more traction. Moreover, a lack of sleep naturally causes fatigue, so you probably move less and get hungry energy foods.


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