baby slaapmethoden - 3 WAYS TO LET YOUR NEWBORN BABY SLEEP


The biggest challenge as new-born parents is to let your newborn baby sleep. What is the best time to bring the baby to bed, how long does a small child sleep on average? The opinions about the best method are well-divided. Let’s examine three well-known methods.

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What new mother (and father!) Does not suffer from sleep deprivation? The longer the broken nights last, the more tired you get. How do you deal with that?

The fact is that broken nights and young parenthood belong together. Newborn babies can not watch and want to drink 24 hours a day. Fortunately, there is a rhythm in the long run and the time between the night foods increases. Until then, there is little else to accept than fatigue.

What the fatigue will do with you will only be discovered when you have a baby. But what if the broken nights last longer than a few weeks?

What can you do

Fortunately, you can do some things to make it easier for you, and your baby.

  1. Rhythm of your baby
    The best tip is to go to bed when your baby is sleeping. Take every hour you can pack. If you have more than one child, it will be a lot more difficult. In that case you can make arrangements with your partner: you sleep on Saturday morning, on Sunday morning.

    If the broken nights take a long time, there’s nothing wrong with trying to get your baby in a hurry. Try the foods to send, sleepings follow automatically. In breastfeeding, feeding is preferred on request, but once the food has started after a week or six, you can also choose a schedule.

  2. Customize your own rhythm
    We are used to sleeping late. But with a baby that needs to be fed overnight, do it well to crawl early under the wool. There is nothing wrong with lying in bed for half past nine. You will notice that you can use those extra hours well.
  3. Share the tasks!
    A baby has two parents, so involve your partner in the care. Give your bottle of food, then it’s simple. For example, do the nights every now and then. Or let your partner take care of the late evening food and crawl early under the wool.

    Even in breastfeeding you do not have to stand alone. You can cool off a food so your partner can take the evening meal or the night.
    Also take a bed day: spend a whole day in bed with a stack of magazines and juices at your fingertips. Your partner brings and takes your baby when it is time for a diet and shreds the diapers between. Besides feeding you do not need anything else! You’ll see that you’re refreshing and your amount of food is getting a huge boost!

  4. Ask for help
    It’s really not crazy to turn on help. Did you get a kraamvisite? Ask if they want to take a meal. Enable your mother or mother in law to clean the house and help with the laundry. Have a girlfriend hug with your baby for a while to sleep. Ask other mothers nearby if they want to bring your toddler to school. You will be amazed how much people want to help you!
  5. Take care of yourself
    How tempting it is, do not stay in your pajamas or hang jogging suit. You will never wake up, feel fit and fresh if you spend your day in your morning coat . Therefore, step under the shower and wear clean clothes. You will see that you feel a lot better! Treat yourself to a visit to the beauty specialist, hairdresser or sauna .
  6. Eat healthy.
    Good care for yourself, also means good food. The more tired you are, the sooner you are going to snuggle or chew. How seductive as well, try to eat as healthy as possible.Eat lots of vegetables and fruits and eat whole grain products.
  7. Really, your baby is also going to sleep!
    The lack of sleep is temporary. Really!! Your baby will also sleep once. One morning you wake up and think … huh ?! He has slept!
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All babies are crying. Even nuclear-healthy babies cry in the first weeks 1 to 3 hours a day.Do not be fooled when you think that such a little child is completely dependent on his parents and he can only make it clear with crying.

As a young parent, you are very uncertain , because everything cries your baby a lot of hours.Is he tired, is he hungry, is it too hot or too cold? For you as a parent, the task of finding out.The main reasons why newborn babies cry in a row.

    1. Hungry
      This is the most common reason why babies cry. Their stomach is still small and so soon again empty. In the first few weeks, a baby is drinking every 2 to 3 hours and that is 24 hours a day.

      During the first few weeks there is no rhythm in the days, so the best thing you can do is admit to the question about food. Especially if you are breastfeeding, it is important to feed on request to get breastfeeding well.

    1. Uncomfortable
      Does your baby not hunger, but does he still cry? Chances are he does not feel so comfortable. This could be caused by a dirty diaper. Or by a shirt that’s a bit of a knock.

      So take a good look at it. Check the diaper and replace it if necessary. Certainly, if your baby is suffering from slight cuts or diaper rashes, dirty pants may irritate. See if the clothes are tight, or something does not knock ( socks that stay well can knock very much!).

    1. Too hot or too cold
      Maybe your baby is too hot or too cold. So feel in the nose if it’s well-tempered. If the nipple is moist, your baby will be too hot. At the top of the stomach at the stomach you can feel if your little one is not too cold.

      Cold hands and feet say nothing. As a rule, keep your baby wearing one layer of clothes more than you to keep warm. The ideal room temperature for the bedroom is 18 degrees. Are the nights very cold or does your baby have trouble keeping on temperature? Jars help well (well in a good jug bag !).

    1. Tired
      Everything is new in the life of a newborn baby. And so everything makes a lot of impression. For every baby it sometimes becomes too much. Not for nothing is the cry almost always at the end of the day, the baby then reacts to all incentives. All you can do is make sure you bring your baby to a quiet environment, far away from all the incentives, and comfort.
    1. Lonely
      For nine months your baby was in your belly and now he is only in a crib or baby carriage . All babies have trouble with it, but the one more than the other. So, does your baby keep crying, without it being obvious? Great chance he just wants to be held and want to be with you.

      Do you have a baby who has a lot of trouble to be alone? Then consider a carrying clothor a carrying bag . Do not worry to spoil your baby too much. The first months are certainly not the case and you can not hug them often enough.

    1. Intestines
      Bowel cramps are painful and make your baby cry for a long time. He will also pull the bones towards him and let the winds blow. Bowel cramps arise because the intestines of newborn babies are not yet mature and therefore they have trouble digesting the milk.

      There are some homeopathic remedies on the market, some parents are successful with it, but most do not. Inbrake and a canvas can also help, just as gently rubs round the belly on the belly. Bearing on the arm with the belly downwards also wants to help.

      Bowel cramps play for the first time after 2 to 4 weeks and are the worst when a baby is about 6 weeks old. After that it decreases and almost all babies disappeared after 3 months.

  1. Sick?
    A baby who is sick usually cries in a different way than you are used to. A baby that usually cries a lot will now cry a lot less. Or the tone is higher, with lots of scratches.You may not even notice this, but unknowingly you feel there is something. In case of doubt, call the general practitioner. A good general practitioner will always let an worried mother come, especially in young babies.
  2. Overprikkeld
    A little baby comes down a lot. Everything is new and that means your baby is exposed to many incentives. That can lead to overcrowding and thus to crying.
The older your baby is, the easier you will recognize why your baby is crying. In the meantime, try to find a way to comfort your baby. That can be done in many different ways .
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