Sleep tip: Enter your Netflix subscription

Zeg je Netflix abonnement op - Sleep tip: Enter your Netflix subscription Sleep tip: Enter your Netflix subscription SLEEPING TIPS

Sleep tip: Enter your Netflix subscription

Are you watching a lot of Netflix? Do you have trouble stopping watching when watching a TV show? Then you are at the Binge Watches. Binge watching is watching television series sequentially. Watching binge watching or marathon has become popular since the emergence of online streaming services like Netflix and HBO where the viewer can watch TV series on demand. You’re by no means the only one. 70% of viewers do this. This makes you go to bed late. Do you want to stop in a timely manner? Then set your TV or tablet 10 minutes before an episode has ended. Episodes of series end with a cliff hanger, which makes you tend to watch the next episode. By turning the TV off earlier you miss the cliff hanger and it is much easier to go to bed. Can not you control yourself at all and are you really addicted? Then sign up for your Netflix subscription.

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