The first months with a new baby is all about sleep. How your baby is sleeping determines how you sleep as well. Fortunately, most babies will sleep longer during the night.Unfortunately, you can expect the other parents’ question as well: “And is he already sleeping?”

Do not be fooled by those questions. Every child is different. Fortunately, there is a lot of good news about sleeping in this area. Many children sleep longer and around 12 weeks most babies get a rhythm.

The Sleep Facts

  • Babies now sleep around 13 a 15 hours a day. But here again, you have wacky children and sleeping heads! So let’s guide your own child and not through the statistics.
  • At a time your baby is still not awake for a long time, about 60 to 75 minutes at a time. Babies of this age increasingly indicate their fatigue signals . Therefore, check for 45 minutes after your baby shows that he is tired.
  • During the day your baby will sleep for about 3 to 5 sleepers.
  • Babys of 2 and 3 months still need birth control. After 12 weeks, they have a physical need for one night nutrition.

    Multiple feeds at night do not usually make hunger at this age, but your baby wants to be with you. There is nothing wrong with it!

  • During this period most babies will sleep shorter during the day and at night longer periods.Nice for you!
  • So start with good sleep habits , which will prevent your sleeping problems in the future. Your child then goes to sleep when he is physically admitted.
  • With 12 weeks, many babies get a rhythm. But do not pin it up. In the first year, your child develops so quickly that rhythms change around the oats.

Now, develop good sleep habits

  • Have not you entered a sleeping ritual yet ? Do it anyway. For little babies everything is new and exciting, giving him many incentives throughout the day. By making a ritual, you make sure that his world becomes predictable and recognizable. That gives peace.
  • A small cuddle or cloth can sleep in your own bed a lot easier. If you wear the hug for a while in your bra on your bare skin, it smells like you and so familiar.
  • Enter a fixed bed time from week or 12 in the evening.
  • Exercise from 8 weeks with your baby sleepy, but awake to bed. From babies younger than 4 months, you can not expect them to sleep when you wake them up on bed. Therefore, help them by feeding, cradling, rocking or whatever.

    Keep in mind a scale of 0 to 10. At 7, put your baby in his crib. He is then sleepy enough to sail down to dreamland, but awake enough to learn to fall asleep himself. In this way he learns to fall asleep. And that’s the key to sleep!

  • Is it still not asleep yet? No worries. Young babies have a lot of skin hunger, which makes them dear to sleep with daddy or mom. Add it, for example, by using a towel or by walking with the pram .

    Keep in mind that an equipped child is the easiest to adapt to new habits and keep trying every sleep for a while, then it will work for granted.

Read more in the s lapping guide 4 to 6 months old.

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