There are a lot of books on the market where you can read how to best sleep your baby.

1. Elizabeth Pantley – Sleep well without crying

Elizabeth Pantley is internationally one of the most important educational gurus. She is especially known for her knowledge of how to sleep well. As a mother of four children, she knows, as no-one, what sleep loss is with you and how you can struggle with a child who does not want to sleep. There she also talks about it in the book, in a fun way.

The book of Pantley is positive and practical. Pantley gives advice on various types of sleep problems, all in a friendly manner, with as little tears flowing as possible.

 One of the best, if not the best, book about babies and sleep.Pantley gives you the feeling to really understand without being instructed. Another major advantage is that it is not a standard method. The writer teaches you how baby’s sleep (knowledge is power!) And then let you look at your own baby. A must for all parents who struggle with a baby who does not want to sleep!

2. Stephanie Lampe – Baby in a dream rhythm

Lampe has also developed a nice method for sleeping babies. Actually, this booklet is more intended for parents of crying babies. She shares these babies in different categories, with different solutions. A large part of the book is about inbearing, explaining different systems. In the section about sleeping you will learn how to apply peace and quiet.

 For parents with a restless baby this booklet will be absolutely a heart under the belt. The stories of other mothers make for recognition and by the fun way of writing, you have it done. A nice book, especially for parents with restless babies.

3. Tracy Hogg – What your baby tells you

Tracy Hogg knows about the TV shows about educating. In this book, the nanny gives advice on everything that you will encounter as parents in the first few years. The book thus covers much more than just sleeping and sleeping problems. Hogg has developed a sleep method that is widely used in England, Put Up, Put Down. Either pick up and lay down.

In the book she treats sleeping problems from babies from 1 day old to childbirth. In a clear, clear way, she tells you what to do. The book is currently not available in Dutch, but the other books by Hogg are a great alternative.

 The title does not make the book correct. Babyfluisteraar sounds very swift, but this book is absolutely not. Hogg advises you to take a baby who does not want to sleep and cry to pack and comfort. What a relief! Ask for a reprint!

4. Harvey Karp – The happiest Baby on the Block

English parents walk away with Karp! Just like the baby listener, this book deals with more topics than sleeping alone. As for sleeping, the book is especially useful for baby’s parents up to 3 months. Karp learns through his own method how babies can get used to the lining outside the stomach.

 Strange that this book has never been translated into Dutch, because there is a lot of useful information. According to the author, babies sleep according to this method 1 a 2 hours more than babies without. In addition, they cry less. In fact, he teaches you how to meet the needs of your baby as much as possible in the first few months, giving you a happy baby.

5. Celia Ledoux – Have you been through

Available as an ebook, but with 150 tips that work when babies do not sleep. Humorously written and with feelings for mother and child.

 The writer feels good to what mothers need. Short texts with practical tips and good explanations. There is something for everybody, because what works for one does not work for the other. A nice book for parents who do not need methods, but want to quickly get practical advice.

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