Stopping with sleeping pills or antidepressants?

Stopping with or antidepressants?

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Stopping with sleeping pills or antidepressants?

Sleeping pills and sedatives and antidepressants may be addictive. That makes the choice to stop or continue not always easy. Some tips in a row.

Sedatives and tranquillizers: 4 tips 

1. Find help

“Many people want to quit benzodiazepines (sleeping pills and sedatives), but only a portion seek help. This can be done via the utility . Of the patients who do follow this program can 65 percent after four months without pills. Of the people who try it without this help, manages a quarter manage to leave the pills. ”

2. Do not stop acute

“If you do that then you get severe withdrawal symptoms: headache, shakiness, sweating, trouble speaking, anxiety, muscle pain … If you phasing out under supervision, are withdrawal symptoms weaker or nonexistent doctor can also help here..”

3. Learn insomnia and anxiety handling

“With relaxation, sleep techniques and tips to mull else can you learn here to deal with.”

4. Get a grip on psychological problems

“Sometimes deeper fears or disorders forward when people stop taking their pills. These mental problems are often at the root of the decision to use sleeping pills or sedatives. Get help to deal with it, otherwise it’s much more difficult to to stop the medication. ”

Antidepressants: 3 tips Claudi Bockting, psychotherapist, and adjunct professor of clinical psychology at the University of Groningen

1. Set the key question

“I have these pills really necessary? That is the question that matters. Talk to the doctor or psychiatrist or you antidepressants still have or need again. Unfortunately, doctors can not predict a patient who will benefit from antidepressants. Hopefully over it, based on research that is going on for a few years. Some people may need to swallow their lives antidepressants. Others can better reduce combined with psychological training (preventive cognitive training). Or they pills can best combine such training. ”

2. Consider also cognitive behavioral therapy

“Some people who have had several depressions, benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy . Also discuss this possibility with your doctor. The therapy is especially recognizable directed negative thoughts and change, and protects against a decline. It was long thought that humans depressed by ‘big’ life events:. a chronic disease, the partner’s death who take the risk of developing a first depression indeed bigger, but we now know that recurrent depressions also be generated by small setbacks: a leak, appointments which not continue. Even get a flat tire can someone off balance. ”

3. Do not stop on their own

“If you make build, do so only under medical supervision, you can get because suffer from withdrawal symptoms similar to the symptoms of depression. Flu-like symptoms, sweating, palpitations, lethargy, anxiety attacks result, many people still pills again. swallow, even if it is not really necessary. they think they can not do without. It helps if you have a good reduction schedules and as a doctor can explain what your complaints are coming from. ”

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