Sleeping in the heat This will keep your cool

in the heat

This will keep your cool

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Sleeping in the heat

This will keep your cool

In summer tropical warm. Daytime is fun, but this heat is not really conducive to a good night’s sleep. Eleven tips to get through the night well in the heat.
In the afternoon you lie on the beach or at the pool , eat ice cream and do not be too particular. But when your evening is in bed and asleep trying to get the trouble starts. Sweating , clammy blankets and tossing, which is mostly what you’re doing. Eleven tips to get through the night.

1. Work with nature, not against

You move quickly during the day to open the windows to cool it off. Very logical, and yet not. This space may be filling with hot air while you just want cooler air. Much better is to keep all windows closed and close the curtains, blinds and Luxaflex. This will keep the heat outside and the inside remains cool. As the evening cools down again you put everything open for fresh air. Do good light to keep out mosquitoes or use mosquito nets.

2. Turn off that thing

Devices produce heat. And now you just do not want to fall off as the sparrow from the roof. therefore puts all devices that do not necessarily need to stand out. For example your TV, computer or lighting burning unnecessarily.

3. Cool the bathroom

Search before you go to sleep as the cool in your bathroom. A lukewarm  shower or a nice cool bath can help you relax and pleasant to step into your bed. Turn on the faucet not too cold. Otherwise, try to warm up your body again.

4. Keep your cool

A typical pillow retains heat. A buckwheat pillow much less. So cool your goal? Dan makes a buckwheat pillow for a pleasant sleep feeling.

5. Buy a cold box

The best solution is of course just an air conditioning . The acquisition is an arm and a leg, but then you have some. You can let them build or you can go for the mobile version. Installation is the most expensive option, but it’s all or nicely concealed and you do not have to to look. A mobile air conditioner has the advantage that you roll him into another room. Then you have to hang a hose out the window for air evacuation.

6. Put a propeller in your room

The decades but still does exist: the fan. Hang it on your ceiling or buy a more manageable version. A fan draws air from behind and then blows the front off. Set as it ‘s evening cooled the fan for an open window. The fan will blow out your room cool air. You can also get them with timer. Then he switches off automatically and you do not like that thing all night.

7. Iced water

Freeze a bottle of water or fill a mold with water to make ice cubes. Take the bottle of ice or ice cubes from the freezer and put them in a bin. Put the container under the fan. The fan will blow delicious cold air through your home. As cool you off!

8. walk in circles

It is far from light in summer. Create for your evening’s sleep just a little walk outside breezy. It is already much cooled giving you the self gets cooler.

9. Sleep down

Do you sleep in the attic? Thanks so fine, but only in winter. In the hot weather, the warm air rises namely upwards. The temperature and distress you too much? Then you go to sleep downstairs. That saves soon a few degrees.

10. Wet rag on your head

Most heat loss through your head. Therefore create a wet washcloth and put it on your forehead. You can also place a wet towel on your neck. How to make a simple way to cool off.

11. Put some on

It may seem contradictory when it is hot to put on pajamas. But pajamas catches your sweat on. This sweat would otherwise end up in your bed. So it’s not such a crazy idea to sleep with some clothes for the body.

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