Sleep Tips After Use Drugs: XTC, Coke of Speed

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Can not you using drugs like XTC, Coke of Speed?

There you lie on your bed. You have a top night and a night and are still crazy about drugs.You want to sleep but that does not work for a meter. What are you doing then? What are good sleep tips after using XTC, MDA, Coke of Speed?

For the sake of clarity, the reason you can not sleep lies in the fact that you have (too many) substances in your body that wake you up. Your body is not a machine or computer that lets you sleep with a push of a button. You will also have to look out for the consequences for a part. You should also not use sleep or alcohol to sleep. We also recommend the use of cannabis because, like alcohol and sleeping pills, the kater only worsens and is bad for your health. What you can do is to ensure that the drugs can leave your body as soon as possible and to help your brain function as quickly as possible.

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Sleeping tips to sleep after xtc, coke or speed

To sleep after drugs can help your body by:

  • Moisture: Sufficient drinking
    You probably lost a lot of moisture. Complete this by drinking enough. No alcohol of course. Water or rather a sports drink is suitable for this. In sports drinks like AA or Aquarius, important minerals are available for better moisture consumption.
  • Salt: Eat soup or chips
    In addition to a lot of moisture, you will also lose a lot of salt if you have sweetened a lot. A cup of soup or a bowl of chips fills this up again.
  • Sugar: Eat sweets
    Sugar and dextro can be used for all drugs, but works best with stimulant drugs (XTC, speed, coke, ephedrine, mdma and caffeine) but it can also do miracles for narcotic and hallucinating drugs. It’s not that the more sugar it eats, the faster it works, usually 2 glasses of sugar, or 3 dextro tablets enough to swallow the liver. Do not eat chocolate because in some drugs (eg in Paddocks) this enhances the rust.
  • Vitamin C
    Using vitamin C, stimulate the liver to work. The liver will have to break / treat (as in alcohol). Vitamin C can be bought as pills or effervescent tablets, but you can also eat fruit such as kiwi, berries, and strawberries and oranges.
  • Melatonin or L-Tryptophan
    Melatonin , or even better L-tryptophan , are body-like substances that you naturally create when you go to sleep. When using melatonin or L-tryptophan, you become more fatigueable. Take melatonin 3 a 4 hours before you go to sleep and L-trypofan about 1 1/2 hours in advance.

Hangover after drugs

Many people feel the day or two days after using XTC quite well: the Tuesday dip. They feel gloomy and empty. These feelings can sometimes last for a day or five. In a single person, depressive complaints may take weeks.

Sometimes the (Tuesday) dip begins immediately after the pill has been worked out (the comedown). Having no sense, being annoyed, crying, unconcentrated, memory disturbances or even not seeing much more.

An explanation for the dip is the exhaustion of your serotonin system. XTC has released additional serotonin, which made you feel so well. That stock of serotonin is now exhausted, resulting in the dip with that empty feeling. That stock of serotonin has to be re-established.Heavy and regular use reduces your serotonin system, which causes the after effects to become more intense.

This also applies to combining with other stimulants such as speed and coke. This is an additional attack on your serotonin system and contributes to the duration of the hangover.Also the use of alcohol can contribute to the (Tuesday) dip.

Tips for relieving a dip after drug use

  • Make sure you are well-equipped and in a good mood. If you are not feeling well and going to use, the hangover can become bigger.
  • Prepare yourself; Know what party you are going for and with whom.
  • Eat healthily and fill in your reserves.
  • Let your drugs test !
  • That’s not too much. That is, swallow no more than 1 to 1.5 mg per kilogram of body weight. Therefore, weighing 60 kilograms should not take a pill that is heavier than 60 to 90 milligrams.
  • Do not use any other drugs (the combination of speed or coke will boost your serotonin system)
  • Drink water or fresh (up to 2 glasses per hour) and occasionally take a break.

The next day

Relax well and eat well to replenish your reserves.
Take the next day vitamin C. Vitamin C is in vegetable and fruit and orange juice. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and protects tissues and organs from toxins. And remember that the comedown belongs to it, just like the peaks. Imagine. It’s just one of the disadvantages of using XTC.

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