Should you stop snooze sleep in the morning ?

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You can roughly divide people into two categories. Some stand once the alarm sounds – or sometimes even before the alarm clock – direct fresh and fruity bedside. Others are in the morning not to burn and continue to prefer to be as long as possible. In addition, there is another danger lurking: the snooze button. Snooze can actually hurt?

You sleep in cycles of five phases . Each cycle takes about 90 to 100 minutes. In total, you go through these stages in one night about four to six times. It starts with a transition from waking to sleep, followed by a deeper sleep, two phases of very deep sleep and REM sleep known. The deepest sleep last night at the beginning of a long and increasingly shorter in recent cycles. By morning, there is more light sleep and REM sleep, also you become more awake.

If you are the biological clock let take its course, you’ll eventually wake up automatically at the most favorable moment. Your sleep is becoming increasingly lighter, the body temperature rises and the amount of inter alia the so-called waking hormones cortisol and adrenaline. The alarm of course ignores your ideal wekmoment. So it may be that you will be woken abruptly from a deep sleep phase, making you feel very drowsy.

The snooze button seems to some people the only solution. This is especially true for night people. Morning people are in fact often more easily without help. Even if you sleep poorly, chances are greater that you will be awakened from a deep sleep phase. When sleep deprivation because you have more need for deep sleep.

Is it unhealthy?

Snooze has a lot of opponents. So the quality of sleep should you get after pressing the snoozekop are very bad. It is often only light sleep, which you then often feels even weaker and more tired. Also, it is more likely that after a moment wakes napping at a disadvantageous time. In addition, it is said that people have a limited amount of willpower is depleted when you use it. This would after snoozing less will have on the rest of the day.

Interrupted sleep also ensures that you decline daily performance. People assess sleep often worse . If your alarm clock early converts to snooze, it may be that your interrupts REM sleep. This allows your brains have less time to process information. This could have a negative impact on your memory and other mental function.

Still missing a lot of statements about snooze scientific evidence. It knocks you out of deep sleep is difficult to wake up and causes fragmented sleep for poor sleep. However, it is unclear whether this also applies to the last moments of sleep. In the morning you sleep anyway shallower and you become more awake. The chances of you in those few minutes between snooze again deeply asleep, does not seem that big. Gradually wake is taking many people prefer.

Stop snooze

Would you still like to stop snooze? Try one of the following tips:

  • Place your alarm clock out of reach so you have to get out of bed to turn off your alarm. Once out of bed is the temptation to go back and just continue to snooze perhaps less.
  • Set your alarm clock as late as possible. If you are between 7:00 and 7:30 three times the ‘snooze button press, you better put your alarm clock just 7.30. That way you have more time to sleep and you have to get up right to not be late.
  • Try at fixed times for going to bed and get up. Including weekends. After a while your body gets used to this rhythm and it will be easier to get.
  • Make sure you will be pleasantly awakened, will stand up less effort. With a cute alarm sound for example, or a wake-up light . It can also help to wake up your ideal wekmoment, at the end of a sleep cycle. There are applications and computational methods that can help.
  • Getting up often is easier if you have enough day light gets and evening precisely as possible. A healthy lifestyle with plenty of natural light in the morning, you can also improve sleep and thus getting something lighter.

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