REM SLEEP : How does it develops?

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REM: How it develops?

REM  about how you know you are in REM sleep, we try to see how this develops.

It all starts because brain cells act in the brain stem. The brain stem sits above the neck. These brain cell particles are active and then activate the center of the brains where is the limbic system.

Here are mainly negative emotions like anger, sadness, anxiety but also delicate emotions such as joy, pleasure and fulfillment processes. This ensures that you experience an emotion in your dreams or your nightmares.

Then the action moves to mind. Here’s our visual system (occipital cortex). This is where we see everything we store and process the day.

1- What caused the rapid activation during REM sleep?

This rapid activation of emotions and images coming through very fast waves, which are also called PGO waves. The P stands for the part of the brains where they start: the Pons.

Then they pass through a part that the geniculate nucleus of the thalamus is called to the occipital cortex. These waves remain active during REM sleep, thus stimulating continuous visual system and our emotions.

2- What is the result of this action in the brains?

Now you already know that brains do not focus on the external world during REM sleep, which means that the visual system works differently than daytime.

Instead of processing external information (images from the outside) is used only internal information, information from your brains.

This information ensures that all you really see things in your dreams. Your brains do because you believe it’s real. They present these images, as if you really are going through. Besides, that’s not a trick. Your brains also believe it really happens.

Sometimes you come into your dreams people, objects, places, buildings etc.etc against deviating from your waking reality or entirely fiction. That’s because your brains all your conscious and unconscious experiences as a consummate cocktail shaker to mix with each other and present a new creation to you.

Like sitting in your own private show, where you simultaneously producer, cinema, director, actor, spectator, technician and financier are.

Perhaps you are now wondering why can not we do what we dream. If our brains and our dreams really see … ..

3- How is it that can not act in my dream?

Before that, our body ingenious system devised a trick: Antonie (muscle weakness) Our brain does besides above activation of images and emotions are two things:

  1. He controls our eye movements.
  2. It blocks our muscles .

You realize of course that blocking our muscles is crucial. This leaves you snuggle peacefully in your bed while you dream.

Imagine that you are attacked in your nightmare and decision really as good at storing loose. Or perhaps even worse.

That will be the one that can not really appreciate lying next to you. Ever wanted someone angry or afraid curb?

To prevent people who dream dangerous, life-threatening or dangerous play antics, brain paralyzes the muscles with this ingenious sleep paralysis. Pretty smart right?

So now we know everything about REM sleep but what is the function of REM sleep?

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