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My son two years sleeping very badly. The sleep is not a problem, but when he wakes up at night, he does not want to sleep on. He said that his ear hurts and also comes clutter out there, but according to the ENT doctor, he’s fine. We tried all the tips and remedies!

, pediatrician:

First I must say that sleep problems at this age are common. Often they are persistent and they drive parents to distraction. As is well understandable, is the first cause sought in physical things. That’s because as children with ear infections also sleep poorly. Unfortunately, adherence to long on and continue to look for medical causes in the long run the solution in the way. Namely, when a child falls asleep well and then after a few hours awake and then not want to sleep more often it is not a physical cause.

Not on purpose

To solve this problem it is important to realize that your child is not doing this on purpose, nor that a preconceived plan you hold every evening or night waking. At this age children but no detailed plans realize they do what good things are fine or not. You lie in bed without parents is not fine. Therefore it is understandable that your child when it wakes up after some time and realizes that will let it appear that only the mom happy with him. Shouting and / or crying will you ever let into the room. This has been something nice for your child because the loneliness is over and cry and cry had meaning. At least that’s the experience of a child. The next evening will therefore continue to call around until you come. Thus, it repeats itself, and the problem persists.


All it is is to not respond to the cry or shout. In simple phrases can also advance to explain to your child. You stop any attention if your son is awake and asking for you. Obviously a friendlier approach to disease fine.

Experience has shown that ignoring the behavior of your toddler is the only way to solve the sleep problem. As easy as it is written answer, as is often difficult to perform in practice it. That is why often the help of a child psychologist to persistent sleep is needed to assist parents in the process described above. Parents doubt during treatment often if this is the right approach and therefore need tips and support to change their toddler’s behavior. Fortunately successful that almost all children. What is a problem for you certainly solvable with the right approach.

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