My daughter wont go to sleep

My is still awake

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My daughter almost four years sleeping very badly. If she is brought to bed at 20:00, she is always at 23:00 awake. We put her back in her bed, but if we now my daughter is awake again. She says she’s scared, but she does not know why. What can we do?


Sleep problems common in children of all ages regularly. In addition, every age its own causes and dealing with a difficult child who falls asleep or awake is regulated is therefore differ by age.

This question concerns a girl of 4 years will wake up after falling asleep. For convenience, I’m just here assume that there are no medical problems that affect sleep. It is clear that when children are sick or hurt to have some sleep affects a whole different approach should be.

When children are awake is often around 23:00. That has to do with the different phases which is sleep. After a first period in particular prevents a very deep sleep, both the elderly and children occasionally get to sleep a little more to the surface. That’s not bad because then you usually sleep through again. However, when children are awake and not fall asleep there is a problem. They will show it to their parents that they are awake and as already let them experience positive reaction whenever they hear again that they are awake. Every child likes the way it is nice when a parent comes along just as cozy in the evening or night.

Any behavior that is rewarded tends to continue to exist, but that behavior is no response or which is given negative, will tend to hold on. If the girl thus experiencing a positive response because she gets a nice chat, or some may drink, it will be the reason that they call again the next day when she is awake. However, there is no response or very short and distant that is reason not to go back to sleep because there is nothing gained by staying awake with.

Something does not suddenly and children will stubbornly insist, because it has worked out well. It is therefore very important to be consistent and not occasionally admit, because then everything starts from scratch. Sometimes counseling needed by a child psychologist because parents stuck with their child’s behavior. Often, however, suffice this type of advice.

Sleeping pills or drinks make kids sleepy and drowsy never be prescribed for this young age group.

Teach Your Child to Sleep Solving Sleep Problems from Newborn Through Childhood

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