METHODS FOR BEDWETTING So your child stays dry overnight

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Methods for bedwetting

So your stays dry overnight

During the day your child has no problems. He never pees in just his pants. Still, it’s do occur overnight. That stuff is not good for you, but also your child feel ashamed considerably. So you get it together off!

Bedwetting is common. More than 1 in 6 children six years frequently wets his bed. When your child loses bedwetting while asleep involuntarily and without that he knows puddle.

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You speak of bedwetting as a child at least twice a month at night bedwetting six years. Or if a child over six years at least once a month urinates in bed. The medical term for this is nocturnal enuresis.

Bedwetting is twice as common in boys than in girls. With more than 50 percent of the children is bedwetting in the family. It may well be that you or your partner as a child wetting the bed.


Bedwetting can have many causes. Usually play different factors involved. There are three important factors that may cause bedwetting together:

  • A child does not wake up with a full bladder.
  • The bladder is unstable and looses the child pee.
  • At night there are so many lake created that the bladder can not cope.

Since bedwetting can have various causes, it is important to go to the doctor with your child. He can determine the cause of bedwetting.

Consequences for the child

Children dare not speak well about bedwetting because they are afraid of being bullied. Or because they are afraid that they are doing something wrong. Children are often ashamed of bedwetting. A child afraid to be staying with a friend. Or dare not go on school camp. Bedwetting can be annoying for your child, but it can also be difficult for the entire family.

Sometimes bedwetting is about spontaneously. Is it not, then you can tackle it happy. In time intervention in bedwetting is wise, because treatment of younger children have more effect. But the important thing is that your child itself to treatment. If your child indicates that he finds annoying bedwetting, you can go for help.

Praise and reward

The first step in any treatment your child praise or reward if it is a night stayed dry. Give punishment if your child still wet the bed, does not work. Your child will be nervous and will be ashamed anymore. Bedwetting thereby only increasing. Your child will not like to cooperate in finding a solution.


A simple but good method for bedwetting is the calendar method. Every time your child a night remained dry, he may draw a sun on a calendar. With your child talk you off that he gets a reward when he signed a certain number of suns.

Bedwetting alarm

Another method against enuresis is bedwetting alarm. The wetting alarm is a device that is connected to a wire on a special underpants. At bedtime install the wetting alarm with your child. If your child is sleeping and there are a few drops in the pants, the alarm goes off.

Your child gets out of bed, turn off the alarm, pee on the toilet and replace the used panties. Then your child turns back the clock. So your child will be alerted each time the alarm when his bladder is full. After a few nights, he will quickly wake up. A bedwetting alarm can be used if your child is six years old.


Another method is to bedwetting generates raining. You make your child at night awake so he can urinate. It is important that your child is awake, otherwise he learns to urinate asleep and that is precisely not the intention.

Let your child yourself go to the toilet. Talk calmly to your child so that he stays awake until he lies in bed. If your child stays dry for the rest of the night, you can anticipate waking every night by half an hour. Again until you reach the time when your child one hour in bed. If your child after not generate as properly enters sleep and morning tired, it is better to stop (temporarily).


If praise and reward, the wetting alarm awakens raining and not working properly, you can try the droogbedtraining. The droogbedtraining resembles generates raining, but takes more time and energy. Because the training is quite complex, give some hospitals and municipal health institutions courses to parents. In this course you will learn how you can support your child in droogbedtraining. Your doctor has more information about this course.


Sometimes medications can help prevent bedwetting. Medications ensure that your child one or more nights stay dry. These drugs are particularly useful if your child is sleeping or has a school. Minrin is the most used medicine for bedwetting. More information can also be found in the Knowledge Bedwetting .

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