LUCID DREAMING What Is Lucid Dreaming and How Do I Get Started?

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dreams What do you want to have …

What exactly is the point of lucid ? That prompted me regularly. The reverse question I always ask is whether they want to know what lucid  is and what significance it may have. And whether they are willing to follow the training …

Usually they know about what is lucid dreaming, but they have no idea what they could be the meaning for them. That’s interesting because lucid dreaming offers many opportunities. More on that later. First, let’s start with the first question.

1- What is lucid dreaming?

Lucid dreams are dreams in which the dreamer is aware that he or she is dreaming. This dreamer is able to control the dream and directing.

This is in brief the meaning of lucid dreaming significance . The other meaning lucid dreaming is much more interesting. More interesting because in your lucid dreams directed to your desires, goals and problems to work. How? By taking action and things in your lucid dream give immediate meaning.

2- You lucid dreams give meaning …

Many people live on autopilot. They are hardly aware of who they are, what they do and how it affects their lives and their relationship with their environment. Through lucid dreaming you can look at yourself at ease and see how you deal with certain problems and situations in your life.

Still, it is good to realize that we are most things in life do unconsciously. Unconsciously competent they call it. Things like walking, breathing, talking, eating, watching, listening, we usually do without thinking. Just because it has to.

But if we, learn to present to fall off, run a marathon or meditate , we have to us suddenly aware of things we normally do on autopilot. Here’re lucid dreaming can help.

3- How do lucid dreams give meaning ?

In your lucid dream you’re as said fully conscious. You can lucid dream, as dreamer, live in three ways. when:

  1. Participant.
  2. Observer.
  3. Meta.

As a participant you experience lucid dreaming while you are in the dream and as an observer you look from a distance at yourself in the dream. In either case, look at the background still something, meta, or perhaps better your consciousness .

You can see it: The participant will star in the film. The observer acts as protagonist and the director who gives directions from his director’s chair himself. The metadata can be viewed as the producer. Plays an important role in the background but no one knows exactly who he is.

The metadata is always present in the production. Even if there is not a director or actor, the metadata is already present. It is the part of your consciousness that does not fall asleep, which ensures that you are aware.

Tibetan dream and sleep yogis are able to throughout the night while they are sleeping, to keep this section up. And yet just, and usually even better equipped to wake up.

It is the meta giving lucid dreams meaning to what is happening. The actor and director provide the excitement and action but the meta interprets and integrates the solutions offered.

4- lucid dreaming The true meaning: A practical case,

As in previous articles already tells let your dreams you see whole truth both the unconscious and the conscious part of your experiences. You got a problem? Then you have when you’re awake, but often have access to a small part of the experience but in your dreams so you have a perpetual subscription to an almost limitless arsenal of solutions. Or combinations of solutions.

And herein lies the true meaning of your lucid dreams. You’re dreaming, you can access all your data, wisdom and knowledge and awareness can identify a problem you want to solve.

5- lucid dreaming The practical case: Carla

One of my best friends, Carla, is believed not understand that, but the challenge anyway. She attended the free training on this site, and after about two weeks, she was the first lucid. When she was. Well, not quite. She was lucid dreams crazy but was not yet convinced of the problem solving ability of lucid dreaming.

I told her that it is important to ensure that you remain easy lucid that you focused on a problem, challenge can work. After about two months, with some ups and downs and some extra tips from my hand, it manages to remain lucid.

“What do you want to improve your life? Where do you want from? “I asked her. Well I want to lose a few pounds. She wrote on a sheet of A4 why she wanted, formulated a question they wished to lose a few pounds in her lucid dream, formed an intention  and used one of the techniques from the training lucid dreaming.

In her lucid dream she asked her question: “What can I do to lose 5 pounds? Who can help me? “She was quite surprised when suddenly Holle Bolle Gijs came out and told her what was the critical factor that caused the unwanted weight. Look, she knew what she was doing but now Gus told her exactly what times they ran to the refrigerator or into her desk drawer disappeared in search of the last licorice.

Work stress and especially how said tended to feel responsible for what others told her. After this insight Carla was fully aware of her behavior, and she was able to change this.

6- lucid dreaming Finally

The nice thing about lucid dreaming and imagination in general, is that when you get to high gain access to your unconscious are images that you would never associate your life with your days challenge. Holle Bolle Gijs. The Efteling. Fairytales. It dissolves by itself or on. Paper here. Come on, give the piles of work, but on paper Carla.

We are so used to focus on the world around us. To concern ourselves with what others do and how they do it. Read the newspaper, watch TV or listen to the radio. Almost everything about a person who judges another. Without them through, that this judgment will be determined by who they are.

Become aware of yourself, put yourself in the center of your life. Learning lucid dreaming. Become more aware of what you feel, think and perceive. By lucid dreams and thus to work on your awareness, you also get the day more aware of what you do consciously or unconsciously, and who you are.

Maybe you like about you a course mindfulness will follow. So you create a healthy and vigorous interaction between day and night. And construction you stepping forward to happier, healthier and freer life that you in control. Also called a lucid life ….

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