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dreaming send: For a freer, happier and limitless life … ..

If you have a preconceived plan fascinating and extraordinary world of lucid dreaming for exploring and your lucid dreaming steer in the direction you want, you must meet two requirements.

You must be able and you have thelucid dreamcan send in the right direction. Send lucid dreaming is launched at any lucid plan. What purpose you do want to reach them …

1- Why do we want to send our lucid dreams?

Not always, of course. Sometimes it’s just nice to be led by the lucid . Just undergone where you dream you want to bring. But if we want to achieve a goal or deliberately provoke a wonderful feeling, we must send our lucid dreams. So what we get what we desire.

It has been found that people often send their lucid dreams to get three effects or results: feel more freedom, the limits of their consciousness expand and take a step towards a happier life.

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2- A feeling of limitless freedom

Dreams in which you fly and lucid dreams are different ways linked.

First, if you ever fly without the aid of an aircraft or other device, you’ll be like a beautiful dream signal tackle. Most people fail because without it.

Second, if you ever suspect that you are dreaming, then fly one of the best reality checks .

If you think you are dreaming, jump off the ground and see if you continue to soar. If you are indoors, then fly to ease the space where you are in the round and then go looking for a window, go to the window and fly away. To your favorite destination.

Flying is fun and just float through the air without a goal or destination is a pleasure in itself. People seem to be able to fly in every conceivable way. Fly like Superman, arms straight forward. Other people swimming through the air.

Still others create wings on their backs or be propelled by jet engines or sit on flying carpets.

If you want to explore the different corners of the earth, or perhaps an unknown galaxy, then fly in your lucid dream perfectly.

One way to challenge yourself (even if you’re afraid of heights, it’s only a dream) is a tall building / cliff jump off and start flying.


3- Observing without borders

It is remarkable, especially the first time, to admit that you normally so reliable senses present a complete flawless rendering of a world that does not exist outside of your dream. If you are in a second reality.

It surprised them when they discover that their lucid dreams seem so real. What really hot. Your whole perception is so intense that it can completely overwhelm the first few times.

Senses are fantastic tools to provide you information and data about events in and outside our bodies. Our brain structures these dates based on our previous experiences.

And we think that this is the reality. We experience the world through our personal world model , and that’s just one card. A map helps us to safely go through life but we also limited because the map is not the territory.

This modeling process is fully automated from the world. Therefore, it often comes as a surprise when we discover that the film that takes place before our eyes, our world model, nothing seems to be more like our own limited perspective.

The people in it as nothing more than our own limited sensory structure formed by previous experiences.

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How lucid dreaming expands this world model …

Lucid dreamers experience an expanded, elevated, enjoyable strengthen the senses. It looks like they have put the volume on their senses to the highest setting. This allows them to see the world model which they live. They are able to follow rather than just the card also explore the area.

Throughout our lives we all have good reasons to set low volume button so we just things that make us easy and enjoyable day. If we permitted the incentives in our world model, where we face all day, we would be crazy.

In your lucid dreams, by contrast, you can plenty of experimenting with discovering the savage, unexplored and exciting field. Especially because, as you sleep, no new sensory input which is continuously being processed. You do it with what you have in you.

Therefore: Go wild. Play with your senses, one by one, while you explore your dream world

4- Creating Your Ideal Life

In a lucid dream, you are the ruler. You can clear the challenges in your lucid dreams with magic. If we like this troubleshooting in our lucid dreams, through tricks and magic powers, then there may be in our minds the idea arise that in our daily lives is the magic solution.

Suppose that haunted your dreams by a vicious, aggressive person and you decide to just love radiating from this person and as an enjoyable, peaceful and powerful solution of the dream. That can only help you how to day in a similar situation? Probably not.

A better approach is to program yourself to the man or woman you want to be during the day. Programming means your brains as you train it shows the correct response in a given situation. You widen this way in your lucid dream your world model.

For example if you are afraid in a lucid dream and run away, even if you know you you fear have to face, then it is not such an effective way to respond.

Although this behavior takes place in a dream and therefore illusory. Our feelings and thoughts in relation to the dream events are real.

So if you’re afraid to dream and realize that it is a dream, is your fear does not go away. You still have to take action.

Therefore: Go wild. Play with your senses, one by one, while you explore your dream world

Lucid dreams: the ideal testing ground for new behavior.

That is why lucid dreams about appropriate learning and training facility for our daily lives. We can respond as we would like in the dream. New behavior practice and equal application in familiar situations and what we learn by doing so you take it to your daily life.

So if you know you confidence would increase and flexibility, it is necessary that you the dream and the dream does not you.

The biggest benefit of lucid dreaming is not controlling or manipulating dreams. The point is that you regain control of your reactions in your dreams, and therefore in your life. So you finally live a life that you want.

5- Finally send about lucid dreaming

Do you think enough reason to start with the roadmap ? So soon you can enjoy the limitless possibilities of your lucid dreams? Then get your lucid dreams under control and lead them towards a happier, freer and limitless life ….

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