How often should you wash your pillow?

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Maybe you’ve never thought about, but wash your pillow is not a luxury. It is in time with the dead skin cells, dirt and bugs. How often should you wash? And a yellowed pillow still be saved?

It is a job that see a lot of people overlook: wash your pillow. Such a pillow is actually dirtier than you think. A third of the weight of your pillow can consist of dead skin cells, bugs and dust mites and their feces, researchers found.

The culprit is sweat. One might sweat more than the other (causes the transition, drug use, high temperature) but everyone sweats to some extent during the night. That liquid is a food source for bacteria. The house dust settles like your pillows.

How often wash?

Most pillows are made of cotton, synthetic material, or filled with down. They can almost all in the washing machine, but always check the care label to be sure. Was pillows on a careful programs, with hot water and a small amount of detergent.

Once every two months, wash your pillow should be sufficient. Do you suffer from huistofmijtallergie, then you better wash your pillows every month.

Yellow pillow regain white

A pillow may yellow due to perspiration. Sometimes the spots disappear in the washing machine, but sometimes something is needed. What if he stays yellow?

  1. Wash the pad with a mixture of one cup detergent, one cup bleach and a half cup boraxpoeder. (Type of salt which dissolves in water, available from pharmacies) Source: Wikihow
  2. Another winning formula: a cup of dishwashing liquid, three-quarters cup filled with soda cleaning, a half cup of white vinegar, a normal dose of detergent and three cups of hot water. Put the cushion along with this mixture in the rotary machine, and was hot. Source: Living Tips
  3. Put your pillow (s) in the washer and allow to soak (many machines have a weekly program) in a mixture of one cup hydrogen peroxide and half a cup of vinegar. Peroxide is bleach, vinegar tackles deep stains. Then was the pillows on a normal program, possibly using a stain remover. Source: PopSugar

Nb. The above tips are at your own risk, not all pillows will come from the machine unharmed. Some cheaper machines besides the use of vinegar not recommended as the machine may be damaged. Consult the manual of your machine.

Tips for buying a pillow

Is your pillow yet still not clean? Have five years him if he is worn out? Then it’s time for a new one. With these seven tips for buying a pillowyou do not go wrong.

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