How much sleep do you need?

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How much do you need?


Elisabeth Pantley, parenting expert and mother of four children teaches in the book Good sleep without crying a sweet way to your baby’s night to help sleep.

It provides insight into how babies sleep exactly why she’s nocturnal awakenings, and what you can do about it.
Read more about her book: Good sleep without crying

Most people need an average of seven to eight hours of sleep per night. But this is no law. There are both upward and downward exceptions. A few have six hours of sleep enough, others have more than eight hours a night and need to feel good.


Babies sleep in the beginning most of a day, but soon this will change. See the table below how much sleep on average a baby needs and children.

With aging, changes also need to sleep in adults. Most older people sleep less than when they were younger.

Deviations from the rule of eight hours of sleep per night have basically no problem. It only becomes a problem when you are impaired daily functioning due to lack of sleep.

Effects of too little sleep

If you sleep less than seven to eight hours, can have consequences in the short term and the long term.

The consequences in the short term, drowsiness and daytime sleepiness, difficulty concentrating, mood problems.

In the long-term sleep deprivation can lead to obesity and problems with insulin regulation in your body. Both can lead to serious problems such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

You can sleep less than you need, but if you want optimal and healthy life is like adequate sleep is vital. You might work fine when only six or seven hours sleep per night, but it may well be that if you could sleep an hour longer you could deliver more and better jobs.

How much sleep do children need

Most babies sleep a lot. A newborn baby sleeps anywhere between 12 and 18 hours. But the number of hours of sleep quickly becomes less.

Do you know how much sleep your child needs? In this table you can see how much sleep need a baby, toddler, infant, older children and adults. But these are average weather that always exceptions to occur naturally.

How much sleep do children need adults by age

Many parents wonder how much sleep their child needs. How much sleep is enough for 16 or 17 years? And for a child of 8 or 15?

In this table, you can read how much sleep children and adults need an average. Again, of course, deviations from the average weather possible, but these abnormalities are often no more than half an hour.

Think too quickly that your child needs a different number of hours of sleep and try to stay as close to these averages.

For teens is getting enough sleep is very important.

Age How many hours of sleep
0-2 months 12-18 hours
3-11 months 14-15 hours
13 years 12-14 hours
3-5 years 11-13 hours
5-10 years 11 – 9 ¾ hours
10-13 years 9¾ – 9¼ hours
14-15 years 9¼ – 9¾ hours
15-16 years 8ū – 9¾ hours
16-18 years 8½ – 9½ hours
adults 7-9 hours


How long a baby sleeps

As you can see in the table above, babies sleep much of the 24 hours a day that counts.

A newborn baby sleeps in general no more than three to four hours straight. After three to four hours of sleep babies are awake because they have again need food. This usually lasts until a baby is about three months old. After three months, the nights are longer and after six months, most babies can sleep through the night.

But here the exceptions confirm the rules. Some babies sleep much shorter and some babies sleep much longer than these averages. If you worry about the sleep patterns of your baby, you can consult the best with your doctor or the doctor’s clinic.

Even babies get used to regular and routines. So when you have a certain ritual at the last feeding before going to sleep, like pajamas and a song you sing your baby becomes accustomed to this.

When your baby’s feeding at night, make sure that your baby notice a difference in the daily diets. Keep the room as dark as possible, keep the power supply as short as possible and speak little or no to your baby. Your baby then learns that the night is not intended for gay play, but the night is for sleeping.

Sleep Method for babies

prevent sleep problems in children

Later when your baby has become a toddler, a good sleep routine is an important tool. You finish off the day and thus learn what your child when his or her expected.

A sleep routine may include brushing teeth, reading a story before bedtime, singing a lullaby together and then quietly and calmly leave the child’s bedroom.

The consequence here is for you and your child important. Teach your child that once it is in bed, there just may come out the next morning. Allow not that it is “just this once” some TV may look down.

Online method of sleep every baby

“Baby Sleep Secrets – Solutions for Tired Parents” is a clear to follow step-by-step method for you, your baby learns to sleep and staying asleep independently.

This online method supports the tired parents ‘back control’ will take and realize that only they themselves can solve their sleep problems. In a loving way so that your child always feel that you are close to support and comfort.

Every child is different and has its own sleep needs. In “Baby Sleep Secrets” you will find therefore several solutions. Simply choose a step-by-step method that suits you and your child. Read more about this method: Baby Sleep Secrets

How do I know if I or my child getting enough sleep?

Because not everyone has the same need for sleep is difficult to say exactly whether someone is sleeping or not enough.

There are some things that you can measure whether you sleep enough.

You or your child probably get enough sleep when:

♦ there need an alarm clock is to wake up or when you’s can get the morning very difficult to wake your child
♦ your programs need morning coffee or other stimulants to wake be
♦ your child in the morning still want to lie down to sleep when it awakens
♦ you or your child afternoon barely keep their eyes open
♦ you or your child has trouble concentrating
♦ if you or your child at the weekend sleep much longer than the week.

A (short) period of sleeplessness or if you or your child more or less than the average number of hours need sleep, need not necessarily be a problem. But if you or your child in the morning barely awake and getting regularly during the day will suffer from the fact that at night not sleeping enough, it is time to take action.

Read the tips and rules try on the page tips Sleepare given. When following these tips and adapt your habits do not help, you can make an appointment with your doctor to address this problem.

Less sleep as adults

Many people are looking for ways to shorten the required eight hours of sleep time. You can clear a lot of time to win it.

There are some abnormal sleep rhythms, do not sleep through the night, but divide your sleep several times throughout the day and night. There also are benefits besides some disadvantages when other sleep rhythm will keep the rest of the world. Usually you can not combine any other sleep rhythm with a regular job where you have to be present or available at certain times. So not everyone will have the opportunity to live with a different sleep pattern.


There are, of course, a few famous exceptions to the eight hours of sleep control.

The story goes that Albert Einstein ten hours a night sleep and when he worked on a problem or eleven. Einstein found that his dreams helped him with his inventions.

Thomas Edison slept only three to four hours a night, but did have a day or more naps.

Polyphasic sleep (more sleep phase)

The multiphase sleep is a sleeping form where you sleep several times a day and night. Sleep together added up in total fewer hours than we normally sleep. You therefore save time with.

But this form of sleep must of course fit in with your lifestyle. If you have a regular job will be difficult.

You’ll really have to train yourself to practice this form of sleep. In the beginning it will be very difficult. But over time your body will get used to this rhythm and will more quickly enter the REM stage of sleep.

There are several forms of this multiphase sleep.

♦ Uberman polyphasic sleep
In this form of multiphase sleep keep your rhythm to six times a day to sleep 20 minutes. In total you sleep so only two hours a day and have won six hours daily.

♦ Dymaxion polyphasic sleep
if you keep the Dymaxion Sleep rhythm sleep you four times a day for 30 minutes.

♦ Everyman polyphasic sleep
the Everyman Sleep rhythm starts from three naps of 20 minutes during the day and longer sleeps 3 to 5 hours.

Power nap

Where there was once talk of an afternoon nap now used the word power nap. You sleep then briefly, generally not longer than 20 minutes and can then hours from weather.

The best time for a power nap after lunch, your body is ready for a short rest. But make sure you especially do not sleep too long, because that is just against you. Set an alarm if required. Take a nap! More active and healthier lives? Go to sleep anyway!

How much sleep do you need?

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