How do you deal with nightmares by children?

nachtmerries kinderen - How do you deal with nightmares by children?

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Nightmares occur in children and adults. Only in children can the impact of a naughty dream be much greater because the child is unable to place the nightmare well. Although a child between five and eight realize that this dream is not real, it is difficult to let those thoughts go. How are nightmares and how can you handle it best?

How do nightmares occur?

Nightmares occur in the second part of the night’s rest, the phase in which people dream. If it occurs in the first part, it’s an fear, not a dream. That fear can be very fierce, the child will not wake up and forget it the next morning. A nightmare is usually remembered.

Dreams are healthy, it is a subconscious process that processes thoughts and experiences.Fears and uncertainties play an important part in a nightmare. Discuss each day’s day of the child. If the child has experienced annoying things talk about it before the child is going to sleep. Then nasty thoughts are processed for sleep, not during dreaming.

What to do with a crying child?

When a child is bathing in the sweat and cries, it is important to reassure the child. Touch the child to emphasize the relationship with the parents and the reality. Stems over the back are often effective, or hold and softly rock. Pay attention; When you bring the child to your own bed, this can lead to a habit. Prepare the child in his or her own bed.

Show the child that the room is safe. Open doors and closets, look under the bed and show that the coast is safe. Do it nonchalantly and do not make a drama of it.

You can ask the child to tell the nightmare, but you do not have to. If the child wants to fly a bit, do not let the nightmare survive. Make sure the head of your son or daughter is filled with positive thoughts.

How do you avoid nightmares?

You can never avoid all nightmares. You can, however, create a situation where the child goes to bed in a positive way.

  • Let a child go to bed without stress. Provide a positively charged atmosphere at home with peace and tranquility.
  • Spread the day and place negative experiences in perspective before going to sleep.
  • Take a recurring ritual from bathing, dress up the pajamas and do something fun before going to sleep.
  • Make the bedroom “safe” with, for example, a sign “forbidden for creams” or an anti-sample spray that is actually water with a little chamomile aroma.
  • A night lamp or hug animal gives a tangible and visible sense of safety.

When nightmares often occur, it is important to investigate the cause. Keep an open communication with the child and indicate that there are no secrets. Perhaps there is a recurring situation in the daily life that calls the nightmares.

Finally, take time to bring your child to bed. Read a fairy tale, listen to the child and give your child a big hug and kiss before going to sleep.

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