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Interview with a psychologist and dream researche

“I never dream,” say people sometimes. But that is not true. Every person dreams every night. On average four to seven times. Can dreams are predictive, or help to handle events? Victor Spoormaker, psychologist and dream researcher, knows all about dreams.

If you have to take a difficult decision, you often want sleep on it. That’s not for nothing. Spoormaker: “You make the day all along where you have all kinds of thoughts about that information is processed daytime logically After all, think consciously….”

Film that repeats

“At night, everything in your brains as usual, but the logic of the day is missing. The control of your brain, the brakes on your impulses, stands out. That’s just the power of dreams. You can find your dream solutions where you can come during the day but not on. ”

Most people dream every night something different. But sometimes you get the feeling you’ve ever same nightmare or bad dream, where you are attacked by a huge dragon. Or where you run through all sorts of alleys and streets to be eventually killed for the umpteenth time. How is that possible?

“These are images as it were burned in your memory”, Spoormaker explains. “It’s like a horror movie which continues to be played again. It has no meaning. It is part of the dream process. Annoyingly so.”

If you often unpleasant (stress) dreams, says something about how your day is in life. That feeling comes back in your dreams. Are you in everyday life afraid you lose control, you lose in your dreams too. ”

“Do you always in a hurry and therefore fear to miss the bus, you dream at night you which bus still missing. There’s also no deeper meaning. It is a mindset that day and night. If your day more relaxed are, you make less worry, you’ll have less bad dreams. ”

processing events

According to Freud, dreams are meant to process events and experiences. Spoormaker: “Dreams about unpleasant events that have happened, follow a process in the ideal treatment, the emotional charge of what you’ve experienced gradually disappears and the experience gets a spot..”

“In a disturbed process the dream of the event remains exactly the same. If you still have the same nightmare, there is a reason why this script does not change. Whether the event has been so strong that you are not easy to go.”

dream Symbols

Spoormaker does not advocate the use of symbols books. “Just imagine. You dream that you are bitten by a dog. For one, it’s a nice animal, the other has nothing to dogs, and a third hates these animals.”

“In such a dictionary is then that a dog is the symbol of faithful companion, a real room type. How should you interpret such a dream, especially if you hate dogs? Such a book is much too general. Need help need, then you better consult a psychologist. ”


Also prophetic dreams Spoormaker has strong opinions. “That to me is probability. If you consider that everyone every night dreams several times, then you talk about 150,000 dreams of a lifetime. If you dream once a life of an explosion, then you’re talking about 1,000 people per night which have such a dream. ”

“Happens something like the fireworks disaster in Enschede, then there are probably people who have dreamed of a major disaster. I’m not saying never carried a prophetic dream, but you have to be careful to call them that.”

Power of the Dream

In your dreams you all. “That makes it so interesting. Each situation can change. This also helps to change some thought. Maybe you’ve always said you chased is not out to get? Turn in your dream sometime and go pursuer chasing. The belief that you can and that you have that power, works by day. Learn to play with your dreams is not only useful, it is especially nice. ”

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