Does Magnesium helps with insomnia?

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Does Magnesium with ?


No, magnesium does not help with insomnia. Magnesium is a mineral that among other things is needed for the transmission of stimuli in muscle and in nerve bundles, and is important for the proper operation (stretching and contraction) of muscles, such as the heart muscle. Magnesium deficiency can cause general lethargy or fatigue, (nocturnal), muscle cramps and in extreme cases, cardiac arrhythmias.

But it is difficult to determine whether these events actually by a magnesium deficiency come. Stress for example can also be a cause. In addition, a magnesium deficiency does not occur fast. Magnesium is because in many foods: bread, cereals, vegetables, milk (products), and meat.

If you worry whether you get enough magnesium, you awhile My Eetmeter completing the Nutrition Center. This is tracked whether you’re getting enough nutrients. If it shows that you ingest too little to solve that instance by using more vegetables, cereals or milk.

A varied diet provides sufficient magnesium. It is not necessary to take a tablet or other supplement with magnesium. If you do decide to use a supplement, make sure that you do not get too much magnesium. Because that can give intestinal problems. You get too many in at more than 250 milligrams of magnesium per day extra (besides the magnesium is in your food).

Does Magnesium helps with insomnia?

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