Do You often lie awake at night?

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Do You lie at ?

About insomnia

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Or are you just always wake up very early? You’re not the only one. One-third of adults have trouble sleeping. Not being able to sleep is called insomnia. There are several reasons for this.

Sleep problems are not the same for everyone. One is as a sleep, but it is much too early. Another can not sleep and can no early morning out of bed.


People without sleep problems usually fall after about 5 to 10 minutes sleep. Someone with a inslaapstoornis (sleep onset insomnia) often take more than an hour to fall asleep.

If you can not sleep well, you will frequently during the night awake. If you then try to sleep, it can take half an hour before you go sleep. This gives you the feeling that you never once making a good night. When are you feeling exhausted and not well equipped awake.

It may be that you sleep well, but the morning is much too early. This is called terminal insomnia; you’re not able to sleep the last terminal of the night. This makes you sleep too little and you become drowsy during the day quickly.

Causes of insomnia

  • By worry and stress you keep grinding and thinking. This allows you difficult to relax and you can not sleep. Often it has to do with important events in your life: moving, having children or bereavement.
  • What you eat and drink also influences; by eating too late and fat, you can suffer from indigestion. Also, alcohol is a stimulant, it makes you sleepy first, but then keep you awake.
  • To sleep well, you have a good sleep rhythm – need – or sleep hygiene. There are several causes of poor sleep hygiene. For example, jet lag, shift work, sleep or do too many afternoon naps at irregular times.
  • Anyhow the environment should not disturb you. Too much light or noise in your bedroom can interfere with your sleep. But a restless sleeping partner or pet can be a jammer.
  • There are also diseases and medications that have caused you to sleep less.

Awake but not insomnia

On average, a person eight hours sleep needed. But there are many people who sleep less. Especially seniors do not sleep as long. Often they think they sleep too little and see their changed sleep needed for a sleep disorder.

There are people who like the true dream that they are awake. This is called slaapmisperceptie. This gives you the feeling that you’ve been awake all night, and you’ve just slept.

Rather no sedative

Many people end up with insomnia to the doctor they prescribe a sedative. Remember that a sedative but a short-term solution.

Prolonged use is addictive, besides perishing you all sleep stages associated with healthy sleep. It is better to deal with the cause and work for better sleep habits.

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