Can young children use melatonin?

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My daughter 3 years old is still sleeping in a crib. For several months she does not sleep through, it is sometimes 12 times a night awake. She starts with love ‘mama cry, but you know the siren goes on … If we go to her is good and they go down again, but half an hour later it starts again. Melatonin might help? Or a toddler solution?

Carole Lasham, pediatrician

Melatonin is definitely not an option. It may be an option for older children and adolescents and ADHD, but a young child as your daughter may have absolutely no melatonin give. Maybe a toddler, but also a chance to help them out of bed when she wakes up.

give attention

It is important for your daughter that she learns that she must stay in bed and go to sleep again. Go any time to her, but do not give positive attention and do not light. Say as “mommy’s here, go and sleep” and leave again. Stay at least 3 minutes away. Calls them again (and this will definitely happen), then go back to her, but give her any attention. Let them know you’re there and departure. Keep this consistently full and they will eventually learn to fall asleep itself.

be consistent

It’s hard to keep this up, especially if you are tired and want to sleep himself. It is important to be very consistent, no matter how hard she cries or shouts. Help you need help with this approach, you can seek advice from the health center or remedial. They can assist you with this.

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