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The moment a child walks out of the crib and into the bed is not always the moment when sleeping problems stop. Sleep disorders occur in children of all ages, for reasons that may surprise you. It is important to find the core of the problem and to find the right solution.Here are five possible causes of sleep problems in children with an effective solution.

The bedside room

Bedplassen occurs in 15 percent of children under five years. There are several causes that can lead to peeing in bed:

  • Genetically determined
  • Small bladder
  • Constipation
  • To sleep too deeply

And in some cases there is a medical cause. Always keep the head cool at bedtime and support the child. Show that it’s not a big problem and give a hug, a candy or a little surprise like a sticker on dry nights. With positive incentives, bedspace can be remedied in a number of cases.


Between the ages of three and five, a child actively begins to fantasize. Multiple dreams belong to this development of creativity. Nightmares are very normal but can cause a child to fear great fear. Go to the child and feel free. Do not talk about the content of the dream, then the child can not take away the nightmare. Cuddle the child and indicate that there is nothing to be afraid of. Let your child sleep and rest assured by gently stroking the back of the child.

Sugar, fat and caffeine

Generators like sugar and caffeine want to avoid as much as possible, especially in the evenings. Light soft drinks are also not recommended for a child, so try to avoid soda after the evening meal as much as possible. Fat and sweet snacks can also be hard on the stomach. A handful of chips or a biscuit may be best but do not let the child eat too much to eat digestible snacks.

Away with the tech

Kids like to play with smartphones and tablets. To a limited extent, that is not a problem. Do not let the child play until bedtime, which can cause sleep problems. Firstly, too many incentives are given to the brain with computer games, the child must have time to rest. In addition, the radiation of the screen causes reduced melatonin production, the substance that makes you tired. Addiction to this kind of technique can also play a role. If a child becomes irritable and irritated after removing computer equipment, that may be a signal of addiction.

Sleep apnea

We often think that sleep apnea occurs only in adults but one to four percent of children also suffer from sleep apnea. Take care that the child is snuggling excessively, a lot of fun in bed, a lot of sweat during sleep or breath stopping at night. These can be symptoms of sleep apnea.

Give a child the time to rest for sleep. Give the child a nice bath, make it a cool game or read a story. Pulling up energy on bed is not the basis for a good night’s sleep.

A Book of Sleep

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The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep: A New Way of Getting Children to Sleep

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Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems

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Teach Your Child to Sleep: Solving Sleep Problems from Newborn Through Childhood

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Dr. Seuss’s Sleep Book: Yellow Back Book (Dr. Seuss – Yellow Back Book)

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