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Can you catch up sleep? Count the hours  twice before twelve? Tim Weysen, sleep scientist at the research department of Philips and attached to the  Association of Sleep – Wake Research (NSWO) provides answers to common questions about sleep.

1. Why can one sleep through the night, while the other awake startled by the slightest sound?

“Interesting question, I can only answer but to give a little information about the method that is usually used in a sleep laboratory or clinic to assess sleep quality in an objective manner. This is called a polysomnogram (PSG) or sleep EEC (electroencephalogram). we look at sleep with electrodes on the skull to the electrical activity of the brains. we can then determine whether a person is awake or in light, deep and REM (dream) sleep stage in. A large part of these sleep stagescharacterized by brain waves that occur slowly and with a certain regularity. Occasionally this quiet and regular brainwaves are interrupted by a burst of electrical activity, called in the world of sleep ‘sleep spindles’ (sleep spindles in English). The source of these coils helps us at night to sleep better and ensures that we are less affected by ambient noise. Research has shown that the more of these bobbins place during the night, the quieter these people will sleep overnight with his high noise environments to observe. In people who sleep so restless, you generally also less sleep spindles. This is also one of the many reasons why older people sleep worse:

2. I slept very well last night, but instead of that I am rested, I just suffer more from fatigue. How is that possible?

“Everyone has a bad night makes you less equipped wake up in the morning Until this happens sporadically, there is nothing to worry about a good night’s sleep is not normally expressed only in the duration of sleep:.. Also sleep quality is very important. Many factors could cause you to lower quality sleep is desirable, making it ‘s not equipped wake up tomorrow. a healthy sleep hygiene can contribute to an undisturbed night’s sleep will make you’ s will feel in the morning a lot fitter. However, when you structurally’s not equipped feels in the morning, it might be wise to do even consult a doctor. the sense of daytime fatigue is a symptom that we see in sleep disorders such as sleep apnea.”

3. Can you catch up with sleep deprivation?

“Adequate sleep is important for your health. Several scientific studies have shown that chronic sleep deprivationcan lead to the manifestation of all kinds of heart disease, elevated blood pressure, stroke, and diabetes. It can also make your appearance be affected by sleep deprivation. During the day you’re not equipped, which obviously has a negative impact on your alertness and can ensure that you are involved in an accident. Do you have a lack of sleep? It is especially important to examine where it comes from and whether possibly a sleep disorder is lurking. If in doubt, always a doctor. If you’re after a night out have gained an (acute) lack of sleep, you can do this just fine on sleep through the night again after going to bed and make sure you take eight hours. ”

4. Count the hours you sleep before twelve o’clock double?

“Indeed, it is often suggested that the hours before midnight count double. It is a persistent myth. It makes a big difference when you sleep, but the clock hours of this happening may be different for everyone. Nocturnal sleep we can roughly divide into five sleep cycles, we always lighter to deeper stages of sleep, followed by a period of active REM sleep. Just the first three cycles of the night we call the core sleep and are dominated by deeper sleep. Especially this time of night now is just so important to help us to physically and mentally recover from the time we are awake. It is therefore not so much when you sleep as the clocks, the first four hours of sleep are for recovery. But this really does not have to happen before midnight. ”

5. I have difficulty falling asleep. Sometimes it takes an hour. How can I fall asleep faster?

Often there to catch all benefit by having a look at your behavior prior to sleep. Less good sleep habits, such as drinking coffee late in the evening, late naps, or highly irregular sleep-wake cycle can help ensure that it takes a long time in the evening to sleep. Find more tipshere . ”

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