10 things your body does as you sleep

10 your body does as you

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While you sleep well, your body is hard at work. At night there are many processes where you’re not aware of. Do not worry, that’s just healthy. What happens might identify you in bed?

1. You fall down

Find yourself a little on the heavy side? Step morning on the scales instead of going to bed, which saves a bit. While you sleep you will lose a lot of moisture from your breath and as you perspire . During the day, he does, but then fill the water loss directly by drinking and eating.

This weight loss is unfortunately short-lived, eat and drink your day at the grams lost again. Several studies do show that poor sleepers eat. In this respect, a good sleep anyway so good for your line.

2. You become paralyzed

It may sound scary, but it’s very useful: get in your sleep your muscles temporarily paralyzed. During REM sleep , the stage where you dream, your muscles relax. That’s so convenient, because that allows you the experiences that you dream about, at least not perform in bed.

In people with REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD) muscle activity is not inhibited during REM sleep. Their muscles still work in dreamland. They dream not only that they jump, hitting or kicking, but doing that actually and therefore a danger to themselves and their possible bedfellow them overnight.

3. Move your eyes

During REM sleep is your body literally ‘flat’, but your eyes move correctly. REM stands for rapid eye movement (rapid eye movement). In this sleep phase, your brains active, the brain activity is similar to that of daytime. They are busy processing all kinds of information. Why your eyes while shooting back and forth, is unknown.

4. You will be longer

Even if you’re long the growth, you morning a few centimeters longer than the night before. It’s your intervertebral discs. These are in your spine between your vertebrae to absorb shocks. They have a jelly-like core consisting of about 80 percent water.

While sitting day and state, the pressure on the spinal crush the vertebrae and moisture squeezed. Therefore shrink you. If you are sleeping reduces the pressure and get the vertebrae chance to absorb moisture and expand, so that your mornings are slightly longer.

5. You get excited

Not just your brains active in REM sleep phase, but also your genitals. Men can get an erection in women becomes clitoris extra blood. That has nothing to do with the spicy content of your dreams, it is a purely physical phenomenon.

6. Your blood pressure drops

The height of the blood pressure ranges: when getting up, this is generally the highest. Stress and strain increase blood pressure. At night, the blood pressure drops correctly. To be sure that you have hypertension, the blood pressure must regularly measured to be.

7. You let flatulence

Your muscles relax as you sleep and so is your sphincter. So can easily escape a cloud of gas. Fortunately does your nose while you sleep less well. Your partner probably notice nothing of your nightly flatulence. It also has a drawback: recommended fire you do not smell in your sleep and therefore a smoke detector.

8. You can feel a jolt

Many people feel a little shock when they fall asleep. Or do they feel that they fall. This phenomenon is called a hypnagogic jerk or convulsion sleep. What is causing this crazy sensation, is not yet clear. Scientists do have some theories. Thus making it could have stress, anxiety, disturbed sleep or REM mini-naps.

9. Your body temperature drops

During the day your body is changing a bit, from about 35.5 to 38.5 degrees Celsius. When it gets dark, you go melatonin create. This ensures that your core temperature drops. Around three or four o’clock in the night, melatonin production is highest and coldest you so.

In a warm room you can tackle the less heat lost, making you less likely to fall asleep. The ideal bedroom temperature is on average 16 to 18 degrees Celsius.

10. You make collagen

Collagen is a protein that gives structure to various parts of your body. It is in your teeth and bones, your organs supports and gives strength to the blood vessels. Perhaps you also know your pot anti-wrinkle cream. Collagen sees to it that the skin is firm and elastic.

At night, the collagen production in your skin the most. Moreover, your skin recovers overnight. You need your beauty sleep so really needed. After your 25th collagen production decreases with weaker skin and wrinkles cause.

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